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We are a new approach to guided fishing trips where the client comes first and the trip is designed and planned around their needs. WindRiver provides everything a fisherman needs for an unforgettable Manitoba angling adventure.

WindRiver specializes in Walleye and Catfish but also offers Northern Pike, Smallmouth bass and Sturgeon fishing on various easily accessible lakes and rivers in beautiful southern Manitoba.

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We are a family oriented Outfitter and welcome all children but please remember they must be supervised. There is no smoking or unshelled nuts (sunflower seeds, peanuts ect.) while in the boat.

No alcohol permitted onboard

Catfish Mania

Saturday January 7, 2012

Well it has been an awesome ice fishing season so far and very busy. Our clients have been amazed at how the fishing has been on both the Red River and Lake Winnipeg, huge numbers of fish ranging in size from14 to 27 inches. When the walleye aren’t as active the sauger were always cooperating to keep everyone entertained.

Dorothy and I managed to finally arrange our schedules to get out on our own for some well deserved quality time, fishing of course since it is our shared passion. The day started off under trying circumstances as I finished work considerably later then expected, but Dorothy was a trooper loaded the truck herself and let me have a quick nap. Well 6 am came and I was really reluctant to get out of bed Dorothy insisted I did grumble but put on my jacket and we were off to one of our honey holes.

Within 15 minutes of setting up the action started, I did seem to have the hot stick for most part with fish stacked up on my Vexilar FL22. Dorothy was marking and catching fish also, so around noon we decided to have a bite to eat and start packing up. We had a great day but it was time to go and catch up on some rest, I was watching Dorothy and a mark on here Vexilar FL20 play cat and mouse when all of a sudden she screams “I got it, I got it”. I put my rod down and went over to give her a hand because it was a good fish at that time I still didn’t know how GOOD it was. We got the fish to the hole and that’s when the excitement started, but when I pulled it out of the hole Dorothy was ecstatic as you can see in the picture. Photos were taken and the fish released final tally for the day me 4 walleye biggest 23 inches 7 pounds, Dorothy ended the day with 3 walleye biggest a massive 29 inch 12.3 pound Manitoba Master between us we also iced so many sauger we lost count. It is days like this one shared with family and the days spent fishing with little ones that make my job as a guide such a joy.

Frank Normand


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